Production cost

In course 3 assignment 1 of the Parsons x TeenVogue class I am enrolled in, I was to create a production cost plan for a previous accessory I’ve created. In the process of trying to lower the cost of needed materials I’ve learned that buying products and fabrics in bulk or online save money. Therefore leaving more of a profit for the designer, retailer, and manufacturer. The accessory I created is a printed denim chocker necklace with a chain and pendant or jewel attached. My inspiration for this accessory came from the floral and leaf print clothing and accessories originating in Hawaii. I was inspired to create something revolving the relaxed vibes of summer. Along the way I discovered that its not easy designing, manufacturing, and trying to sell your own products, but the helpful tips from #ParsonsxTeenVogue about money managemnet have guided me throughout my challenges. Here are some pictures of my finished product and my production cost plan.



production cost

parsons necklace


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