Production Standards

In a recent experiment I conducted shopping at aerie by american eagle and The Limited I have found that a size medium can fit two people with completely different measurements. With helpful tips from Parsons and Teen Vogue, I tried on many different garments including sweaters, t-shirts, leggings, jeans and jackets. I found that one sweater that was labeled a size small fit just as well as a fitted t-shirt labeled extra large. This discovery was confusing and enlightening. It just shows that people have exteremly complex and different body shapes. It also shows that you can not rely on just one size every time you go shopping. Even if every single pair of jeans you own are a size 8 (for example) you still should try the new jeans on and make sure they fit. I have found that I can not rely on any store or piece of clothing to fit and be the exact same size, because every article of clothing has a different cut, style, fabric and size. And that clothing sold in stores and online should have charts guiding you on how to find your right size. Throughout my life my mother always told me that she would never buy me any article of clothing and I shouldn’t buy myself any article of clothing unless I try it on first. Overall the trial I have participated in taught me that you shouldn’t rely on labels.


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