Social Media Advice

So far the most popular social media accounts that I control are my instagram and polyvore. I believe this is because my polyvore account shows the most visually creative side of my fashion sense. While my instagram shows my ability to photograph well and the more personal side of my life. I have 338 followers on instagram and have an average of 83.6 likes per photo and 63.3 likes per video. Most of my followers on instagram are other students from my school, fellow fashion bloggers, photographers, online boutiques, and family. The picture that has the most likes on my instagram is a picture of me on a cruise around the statue of liberty. And the video with the most views is a boomerang video of my bubbling drink at Sugar Factory in NYC. I think the more luxurious and artsy things I post about draw my viewers in the most because it is interesting and inspirational. If I post a trendy picture of me at a popular attraction than it is more likely that I will get more likes on that photo.

I have 445 followers on polyvore, and a combined total of 19,403 views, and 2,898 likes. The majority of my followers are other fashion bloggers or interior designers. Because polyvore is specifically a fashion platform I have more success because I am interacting with other fashionistas. Most of my sets and collection that I style on polyvore revolve around current trends and classic, timeless pieces. I think people appreciate that I mix and match the old with new and can create something entirely unique. My personal style is reflected in all of my sets on polyvore, which attracts other fashion bloggers with similar tastes. It may take sometime to gain a loyal group of followers, but my advice to any fashion blogger looking to gain more followers and likes, is to express your own personality in all of your posts, keep it creative and interesting, and make sure all of your photos have clean cuts and your models are in a proportionate setting, with as little background noise as possible unless it is for an intentional purpose and ads to the photograph.



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